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Presentation on AI, law and ethics to BBC Blue Room roundtable of experts on AI, July 10th, BBC Radio Theatre. 2017


“Slave to the Algorithm? Why the right to an explanation is not the solution you are looking for.” (with Veale) peer reviewed accepted presentation Privacy law Scholars Conference, Berkeley, May/June 2017


“Slave to the Algorithm?”  peer reviewed accepted presentation, BILETA, Braga, Portugal, April 2017


Participant expert, “Business Models for 3D Printing: A Scenario Planning Workshop”, Strathclyde University Business School, March 2017


“Artificial intelligence: law, ethics and the future”, expert talk, New Scientist AI Weekend, Royal College of General Practitioners, London, February 18 2017


Chaired Algorithm Workshop, Strathclyde, February 13 2017: my paper was “Law and Algorithmic Governance” (website at e ). This commenced a large stream of research in this area.


“The Rise of Web Blocking Orders in the UK: Empirical Evidence Perspectives”, invited seminar, City University, London , 3 February 2017


“Against Post Mortem Privacy”, invited contribution at International Workshop on Post-Mortem Data Privacy, Paris, Institute of Communication Sciences (ISCC) , 13 January 2017 (summary at )

“Data Protection and Brexit”, at “The relationship of the EU and UK concerning data protection and privacy”, invite only parliamentary conference, Portcullis House, Westminster, 2 December 2016

“Smart cities, consent and privacy”, invited lecture as visiting professor to RUMLAE  (Robots and Military law) Institute at Adelaide University, Australia, 15 September 2016

“Smart cities and privacy challenges”: invited presentation to the Minister of EU for Ireland, 9 December 2016 (see report at )

Faculty on privacy and data protection at 1st Summer School on Privacy Engineering, Nijmegen, 11-14 July 2016

“"From Privacy Impact Assessment to Social Impact Assessment"  (with Diver) , May 2016, IEEE Workshop on Privacy Engineering, San Jose

Royal Society informing their machine leaning enquiry and programme of work “Privacy, security and autonomous vehicles”, invited paper at Centre for Connected cars and Autonomous Vehicles, Oxford, February 2016

Invited to Alan Turing Institute Workshop on Algorithms, chaired session on legal aspects (“delegating authority to algorithms”), Feb 2016, London

Advised Royal Society on legal aspects of Machine Learning, February 2016, London.

”Be Careful What You Wish For: UK Judicial (Non) Activism  and Copyright Web Blocking orders”, Global IP Congress, Delhi, December 2015

 “Privacy, Security and Data Protection in Smart Cities: a Critical EU Law Perspective”, peer reviewed paper , Amsterdam Privacy Law Scholars (PLSC) Conference, October 2015

“Conceptions of privacy in the Marvel universe”, 10th Gikii Conference, Berlin, September 2015

“Death, virtual assets and legal regulation”, IT law Summer School, St Johns College Cambridge, August 2015

“Regulating revenge porn”, invited lecture, University of Hertfordshire, July 2015

Invited after dinner speech on Internet law to Lincolns Inn, London, July 2015

“Secrecy in the Modern World”, panel at Spy Week, Edinburgh University, May 2015

Chair and speaker, Designing Smart Cities : Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges, TIC, Strathclyde, March 2015 ( obligation to CREATe as part of a work package)


“Privacy and trust in the Digital Economy”, Nottingham, Horizon Digital Economy Hub, March 2015


“Regulation of smart cities: a privacy perspective”, invited paper, European University Institute, Florence, February 2015

“Privacy and Smart Cities”, Scottish Privacy Forum, Stirling, December 2014


“IT Law: the Middle Kingdom between East and West”, 2nd Joint Strathclyde: Fudan, China Workshop, Glasgow, November 2014

“Regulating Revenge Porn: Comparative US and EU Perspectives”, invited seminar, University of Cape Town, October 2014 (plus 4 lectures at UCT given to students on EU copyright, privacy, e-contracts and intermediary liability) (also given as invited speech at ORGcon (civil society conference), London, November 2014)


“Anonymisation and privacy”, speaker on panel at UK Anonymisation Network (run by Ordnance Survey), September 2014


“Death, the law and digital assets”, invited postgraduate seminar, University of Luxemburg, July 2014


“Is Police Surveillance of Social Media out of Control?”, Surveillance Studies conference, 2014, Barcelona, May 2014 (with Lachlan Urquart) (and as invited seminar at Southampton University, November 2014)


“From the fantasy to the reality: social media and real name policies”, Memorial for Jon Bing, Oslo, April 2014


“Introduction to E-Commerce”, lectures for the European University Institute, Lisbon, March 2014 and Florence, October 2014

“A European Eye on Revenge Porn”, Idea Incubator, University of Florida, January 2014 (plus one month course on Global Cyberlaw given to students as part elective)


“The Death of Data Protection? : Big Data and Ubiquitous Computing”, Invisible Harms conference, Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, December 2013


“Death and Digital Assets”, invited lectures, Hangzhou University; Fudan University, China, November 2013

 “Whatever happened to “Three Strikes”?”, invited SLATA seminar, Stanford University Law School, November 12, 2013


“Slave to the (Algo)Rhythm”, 8th  Gikii Workshop, University of Bournemouth, September 2013

“The Death of Data Protection?”, invited lecture, Goettigen University, Germany, July 2013


“Evaluating Post-Mortem Privacy”, Privacy Law Scholars Conference, UC Berkeley, June 2013 (with Harbinja)


“Twitter ®Evolutions” , W3C (Rio, May) Workshop on Privacy and Security in Online Media, June 2013 (with Matwyshwn)


“What’s in a name? Real name policies and social networks,”, ACM Web Science Conference 2013, Paris, May 2013 (with McAuley)


Co-organised and spoke at CREATe launch, 31 January – 1 February 2013, the Lighthouse, Glasgow.


Chaired panel on “Death and Post-Mortem Privacy in the Digital Age”, Amsterdam Privacy Conference, October 2012 , Amsterdam


 “Online Intermediaries as Copyright Cops: Is “Three Strikes” Dying?” Knut Selmer Memorial Annual Lecture to the Norwegian Association for Computers & Law, invited lecture, November 2012.


 “Copyright, Business Models and the Future of the Creative Industries :
a UK multidisciplinary perspective”, presentation at Lisbon Council launch of Intellectual Property and Innovation: A Framework for 21st Century Growth and Jobs (see , 10 September 2012


“Robot ethics”, invited joint panel with Alan Winfield, Cheltenham Science Festival , 2012


Copyright and film panel for the Open Documentary Festival, London , June  2012


 “Dying and bequeathing technologies”. CDAS annual conference on death  and dying ( ) , Bath , 9-10 June 2012. (with Harbinja)


“Wikileaks, social media and surveillance”, invited seminar, European University Institute, Florence, March 2012.


“The future of data protection”, Scottish Society for Computers and Law, March 2012.


"Privacy and care robots", invited contribution to EC-funded workshop on building a Green Paper on Robotics for Europe, University of Wurzburg, November 2011.


"Regulating Robots: Re-Writing Asimov's Three Laws in the Real World?" joint lecture with Alan Winfield, to launch Centre for Internet Law and Policy, November 15, 2011.


Chaired 5th SCL Policy Forum on "The New Shape of European Internet Regulation", September 15-15 2011, Herbert Smith , Solicitors, London. Programe at  .


"Against Technological Determinism", invited talk at The Wilderness Festival, 11 August 2011.


Lilian Edwards and Alan Winfield , “Rise of the machines” at  How the Light Gets In festival in Haye-on-Wye, summer  2011


"Law and Sausages: How Not to Legislate for The Digital Economy - One year on?", invited talk, Franco-British Law Association, Edinburgh, 14 April 2011


"Wikileaks, Cybercrime and the Role of Online Intermediaries", Workshop on Wikileaks, Edinburgh University, 11 February 2011


"Death and the Web: the Law and Digital Assets", invited lecture, Cambridge University, 15 February 2011


 "The Role and Responsibility of Internet Intermediaries in the Field of Copyright and Related Rights", invited lecture to WIPO, speaking to own commissioned report, June 22 2011.


"Location, location, location?", paper given at 3rd Web Science Conference, Koblenz, Germany, 14 June 2011 as part of panel I chaired on locational privacy


"Robbie the Robot Goes (W)Rong!", 6th GikII Conference, June 2011, Gothenberg, Sweden.


"More than one way to skin a LOLcat? The UK net censorship experience", invited paper, Atlanta, USA, 1st Workshop on Free and Open Communications on the Internet(FOCI), 24 February 2011


“Cybercrime and Cyber-Insecurity”, invited keynote at RUSI/Intellect CyberSecurity Conference, Whitehall, London, October 2009


“Pricing Privacy: Giving It Away Cheap?”, invited paper at 4th SCl Policy Forum, London, September 2009


“Death 2.0”, 4th GikII conference, IViR, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 2009


“Cyberwar and Cyberlaw: the individual rights perspective”, invited  paper, CCD COE Cyber Conflict Legal and Policy Conference 2009, Estonia, September 2009


“Death 2.0”, Digital Convergences Conference, invited paper, Hong Kong, June 2009 (also interview podcasted after formal presentation at ).


“Death and the Web”, invited paper, SoGikII, Sydney, Australia, June 2009


“Data retention: practical and legal issues”, invited speaker to ISPA/Parliament  Workshop, 16 October 2008, London, HL, Westminster.


"Phishing In A Cyber Credit Crunch World", 1st SCRIPT-ed Conference, Edinburgh, March 2008.


“What can Web Science Do for the Privacy of Data Subjects?: Law, Privacy and Data Retention in a Post 9/11 World” panel: gave lead paper and chaired  panel, at  1st WSRI Web Science Conference, Athens, Greece, 18 -20 March 2009


"Digital Lives Invited Presentation: Walled gardens or Open Worlds? Virtual worlds, real world lives and issues of control." Keynote  paper, 1st Digital Lives Conference, British Library, London, 10 – 12 February 2009.


"Phishing In A Cyber Credit Crunch World" , invited paper, Information Security Best Practices Conference 09, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania,USA, 29-30 January 2009.


“ISPs, the law and file-sharing”, invited paper, 3rd SCL Policy Forum, September 2008, Herbert Smiths, London


“Virtual Worlds, Children and Privacy”, 3rd GikII Workshop, Oxford Internet Institute

24-25 September 2008.


“From British zombies to Japanese worms: what can law do to create cyber-security?” , Law and Society International Association Conference, Montreal, May 2008; also panel organiser and chair


 “Chinese zombies and Japanese worms? Cyber-security and the law”, Pre-Olympics Beijing Conference on Privacy and Security, Beijing, December 2007


“The Future Duties of On Line Intermediaries in a Web 2.0 World: Lessons From YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia”, chair and invited speaker at Law 2.0: New Property, New Speech, New Identity, 2nd Society for Computers and Law (SCL) Policy Forum, Herbert Smiths, Solicitors, London, September 2007.


“Stalking 2.0”, 2nd GikII Workshop, London, September 2007 (with Brown and Marsden).


“Privacy and Its Balances”, Law and Society International Association Conference, Berlin, July 2007; also panel organiser and chair.


“On line intermediaries and  the user generated content model”, Invited keynote, 1st National University of Catalonia UOC Conference on IT and Law,  BARCELONA,  May 2007


“Copyright Regulation and Private Intermediaries:  Viacom v You Tube”, invited lecturer, 8th EIPIN Conference, Alicante, May 2007


“From Censorship to Cartelisation: ISP Control of Harmful Content”, 22nd Annual BILETA Conference, Hertfordshire, April 2007


“Privacy, Code and Regulation” invited paper, Symposium on Data Devolution and Privacy, University of Florida, USA, February 2007.


“How To Kill Zombies: Cyber-Security in a Networked World”, keynote paper, VIth World Congress of Computer Law, Edinburgh, September 2006


“Bring Me the Head of Philip K Dick: Property in the OnLine World”, 1st GikII Workshop, Edinburgh, September 2006


“Private Responses to the Problem of Internet Regulation: the Role of Private Intermediaries”, invited lecturer, 7th EIPIN Conference, Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, London,


““Creating Trust and Satisfaction Online: How Important Is ADR? The UK eBay Experience”, BILETA Conference, Malta, April 2006 (with Ashley Theunissen)

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